When is it time to update your home’s exterior?

(NC) The exterior of a home plays a vital role in creating a great first impression. How your home looks on the outside can also impact the value of the property, so it’s worth trying to keep it looking good.

So how do you know when the exterior of your home is due for an overhaul? Here are a few signs that it’s time to tackle this update:

Time to sell

Curb appeal matters most when a home goes on the market. A positive first impression can influence how much potential buyers are willing to spend. While small steps like a manicured lawn always helps, updating your siding and trim can have a major return on investment. We have several styles of siding, moulding and trim to help you achieve that new look! https://www.rona.ca/en/building-supplies/exterior-siding

Building an addition

Whether you are building up or bumping out, a new addition is the perfect opportunity to update the style of your home. You can give your front a new lease on life, such as switching from a traditional to more contemporary look. If you’re a DIY or contractor, we have everything you’re looking for plus we offer delivery service on all of our products! Come see the professionals at RONA in Dutton, Rodney & Springfield for all of your building needs. From start to finish, we can help!


Mould or mildew

Holes or gaps in the house’s cladding could be allowing moisture inside and providing a perfect environment for mildew to grow. Once in the walls, mould can spread easily, causing further damage to the property as well as possible risks to your health. Do a thorough check of the extent of the problem before deciding on a patch job – a replacement may be required. Come in and talk to one of our experts today! We have three great locations to serve you.


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