3 DIY projects to tackle with RONA

(NC) Home renovations are on the rise. A new report by Re/Max Canada found that more than half of Canadians renovated their home last year for personal, non-ROI reasons. Of this, 29 percent did so for recreation-inspired DIY projects.

When it comes to do-it-yourself home renovations, there are things you can easily try and some that are better left to the pros.

Swapping your showerhead

A simple showerhead swap can truly transform your bathroom experience. Most showerheads easily unscrew from the showerhead arm — a job that can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. Almost all showerheads share the same threaded connection, so compatibility should not be an issue. Changing the color of your showerhead can also instantly enhance your bathroom

Pro tip: Always apply fresh Teflon tape to the showerhead arm connection before attaching your new showerhead. Using tape as a proactive measure can prevent future leaks. Visit our website to shop for showerheads now.

Replacing your faucets

Bathroom and kitchen faucets can also be replaced easily for an instant refresh, but don’t forget to shut off the water lines before getting started. We offer many brands and styles that will give your bathroom and kitchen a fresh new look.

Pro tip: Prior to purchasing, make sure your new faucet is compatible with the holes cut in your countertop. Our RONA experts will help you pick the right faucet for your needs. Come in today and just ask!

Visit our website and check out which faucets fit your bathroom the best.

Applying a fresh coat of paint

While re-painting can take time, it is a rewarding and doable task that is the first step to transforming the feel of any space.

Pro tip: Before getting started, remove everything that you can from the area and cover up the rest with drop sheets, including your floors, or you’ll end up with paint in undesired places no matter how careful you are. All 3 of our RONA locations carry everything you need for your painting project, from brushes to paint and all your clean-up supplies to make the job easy! Check out your local Great Lakes RONA in Springfield, Dutton, and Rodney.

Visit our website and shop for the best paint and supplies for your project.

Article supplied by NewsCanada and edited to fit local advertiser content. This material was supplied free of charge.